Efforts to Improve Internship Learning Outcomes in the Material of Appreciating Differences in Diversity Using Learning Models Cooperative Learning Type Student Teams Achievement Division


  • Tamara Fauziah MIT MARDHOTILLAH
  • herinto Iriansyah STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • Risky Dwi STKIP Kusuma Negara


PKN Learning Outcomes, STAD type Cooperative


The purpose of this study was to improve students' PKN learning outcomes in the material Appreciating Differences in Diversity through the STAD method in grade III students in the odd semester of the 2022/2023 academic year. This research method is classroom action research that follows the Kemmis and Tanggrt models. This study includes 2 cycles where each cycle includes 4 stages, namely planning (planning), acting (implementation), observing (observation) and reflecting (reflection). The research time was 3 months, namely from November 2022 to January 2022 with 18 research subjects, while data was collected through tests. interviews and observations. The results showed that there was a significant increase in mathematics learning outcomes in class III students. This is evidenced by the increase in the average results of the PKN test in each cycle, namely in cycle 1 = 65.20; cycle 2 = 80.20 and the results of the interviews conducted concluded that learning PKN through the STAD method is fun for students. This study concluded that learning PKN by using the STAD method can improve students' PKN learning outcomes






Original research