Implementation of Reading Literacy Activities


  • Miftahul Jannah STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • Sri Awan Asri
  • Maria Ulfa


Literacy is a person's ability to use skills and potential to process and understand information in reading, writing, counting and solving problems in everyday life. Literacy is very important because it reflects the development or not of a new civilization in each country. There needs to be an effort to overcome the low level of literacy in Indonesia. education plays a role as the initial foundation for improving literacy skills. Through Permendikbud No 23 of 2015 on Cultivating Budi Pekerti, literacy is present in schools through the School Literacy Movement (GLS). For the elementary school level itself, there is a target achievement of GLS, namely GLS in elementary schools creating an educational ecosystem that is cultured in literacy. To create it through 3 GLS activities, namely habituation, development and learning. The purpose of this research is to find out the application of reading literacy activities in class IIIC at SDN Bambu Apus 01 Pagi East Jakarta, this research is Qualitative Descriptive research, the subject of this research is the Principal, Librarian, IIIC class teacher and all students of class IIIC, the data collection techniques of this research are Observation, Interview, Documentation, Questionnaire and Field Notes. The results of this study indicate that the interest in reading of class IIIC students is very lacking and the teacher continues to strive to implement a program of literacy activities in the classroom in the form of (1) 15-minute reading habit (2) Mandatory library visits (3) Creating a reading corner(4) Learning outside the classroom.






Original research