The Role of the Teacher in Overcoming Student’s Difficulties in Learning Mathematic


  • Giskaa Femiati STKIP KUSUMA NEGARA
  • Chrisnaji Banindra Yudha STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • Eva Oktaviana STKIP Kusuma Negara


The school applies health protocols in the learning process. Having a limitation of face-to-face meetings due to health protocols helped students overcome difficulties in learning mathematics. The method of this research used descriptive qualitative approach. The subjects were fifth grade homeroom teacher and students. Data collection techniques were in the form of interviews, observation, and documentation. Data analysis presentation techniques used Miles and Huberman include data reduction, data presentation, and data verification or drawing conclusions. The validity of the data in this research used source triangulation and technical triangulation. The results showed that the factors that cause students' learning difficulties after l a limitation of face-to-face meetings include (1) internal factors and external factors, (2) students obtained score below passing grade, (3) the role of the teacher to educate children. It can be concluded that the role of teacher played a significant part in the classroom.






Original research