Learning Civics Through The Mind Mapping Method; Can Increase Students Learning Outcomes On Pancasila


  • Matilda Winda Lakateu STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • Sudjoko Singodiwongso STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • A. Rahim Suhel STKIP Kusuma Negara


Learning Outcomes, PPKn, Mind Mapping Method


Pancasila material in the meaning of symbols through the Mind Mapping Method in class V Catholic Elementary School (SDK) Ignatius Slamet Riyadi I, even semester of the 2022/2023 academic year. This research method uses classroom action research (CAR). This research includes 2 cycles where each includes 4 stages, namely; Planning, Implementation, observation, and reflection. The results showed that there was a significant increase in learning outcomes in fifth grade students. This was evidenced by the results of the percentage of learning outcomes in each cycle increased, namely cycle I increased, namely in cycle I = 69%, and cycle II = 86%. The results of the study show that learning using the Mind Mapping Method can improve the learning outcomes of PPKn students at SDK Ignatius Slamet Riyadi I Cijantung, East Jakarta.







Original research