Development of audio-visual learning media for science subjets of digestive organs and their functions


  • Kesha Mutiara Shafar STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • Niken vioreza STKIP kusuma negara
  • Evayenny Evayenny STKIP kusuma negara


Development, Learning Media, Audi Visual Media, Science


The aim of the research is to develop learning media the audio visual This research uses the R&D (Research and Development) method. The research consists of several stages, namely identifying potential and problems, data collection, product design, design validation, design revision, and initial trials. The validation stage was carried out by media experts, material experts and language experts.The results of this research are that the media developed is said to be suitable for testing after being validated by experts. The results of material expert validation are an average of 4 or 80% with the appropriate category. Media expert validation is an average of 3.1 or 62% with the appropriate category. Linguist validation is an overall average of 4 and a percentage of 86% with a very appropriate category. Media practicality trial on 30 students with an average of 4 or 86% in the very feasible category.Based on the research results obtained, it can be concluded that audio visual media is suitable and practical for use with elementary school students with material on human digestive organs and their functions. To test the effectiveness of the media, further trials need to be carried out.









Original research