Improving Beginning Reading Ability Using Letter Card Media


  • Luis Hermanto STKIP
  • sri awan asri
  • budiono


Letter Card Media, Reading, Beginning Reading Ability


The ability to read is one of the key skills in language development and education in children graduating from elementary school. This research aims to analyze the initial reading ability of elementary school age children and the factors that influence it. The research method used is a quantitative approach with a descriptive research design. The research sample consisted of 150 children aged 6 -8 years from several elementary schools in region Data is collected through reading tests and questionnaires filled out by parents or guardians of students to identify factors such as family background, frequency of reading at home, and parental support in children's reading development. The results showed significant variations in beginning reading abilities in elementary school age children. Reading ability is influenced by factors such as parents' level of education, frequency of reading at home, and reading learning methods applied at school. It was found that children who received greater support from parents and had an active reading environment tended to have better reading abilities.






Original research