The Analysis of Learning Difficulties in Mathematics Fraction Material in the Learning Process of the Covid-19 Pandemic Transition Period


  • Mutia Ayu Ditha STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • Chrisnaji Banindra Yudha
  • Arhamuddin Ali


Math learning difficulties, Fraction Material, Covid-19 Pandemic


Learning difficulties in students or often referred to as learning disorders are closely related to the achievement of learning outcomes and students' daily activities. Learning difficulties are conditions where the competence or achievement achieved by students does not match the predetermined standard criteria, such as attitudes, knowledge and skills. The research objective to be achieved is to find out the learning difficulties of math fraction material in class V SDN Kalisari 01 East Jakarta. The research method used by researchers is descriptive qualitative. The data sources in this study were teachers and students of class V-A. Data collection techniques are observation, interviews, questionnaires, and documentation. The data analysis technique uses the Miles and Huberman Model. Data validity in this study uses source triangulation and technique triangulation. The results showed that the difficulty of learning math fraction material in the learning process during the transition period of the Covid-19 pandemic in class V SDN Kalisari 01 East Jakarta lies in concept difficulties, principle difficulties and skill difficulties and the factors of learning difficulties in learning math fraction material are caused by several factors, namely internal and external factors of students. The efforts made by the teacher have not been optimal in their application to the material, delivery and assignments during the learning process.






Original research