Improving Student Learning Outcomes in Heat and Sound Energy Science Through Demonstration Lesson Methods


  • Ramadhan Suciana STKIP Kusuma Negara
  • Sri Awan Asri
  • Syamzah Ayuningrum


The aim of this research is to improve student learning outcomes in the science subjects heat and sound energy through demonstration learning methods for the 2022/2023 academic year. The research method is classroom action research following kemmis and taggart. This research includes 2 cycles, each cycle includes 4 stages, namely planning, observation and reflection. The research period was 2 months from April to May 2023 with 36 students as research subjects, while data was collected through tests, observation and documentation. The results of the research showed that there was a significant increase in student learning outcomes in the heat and sound energy science subjects in class IV students. . This is proven by the average test results in each cycle increasing, namely in the pre-cycle = 61.52; cycle = 70.72; silus 2 = 85.55 from the results of this data it can be concluded that student learning outcomes in science subjects regarding heat and sound energy through demonstrations can increase understanding. This research concludes that heat and sound energy science lessons through demonstration methods can improve heat and sound energy science learning outcomes.






Original research