International Conference on Education-02


We are pleased to announce that STKIP Kusuma Negara, Jakarta, is holding an International Conference on Education-02 (ICE-02). This seminar is conducted to bring together academics, researchers, and scientists to share knowledge in the field of education. Welcome to The ICE-02.





"Framing Education Disruption in Preparing Excellent and Qualified Teachers"






The COVID-19 pandemic has become the biggest disruptor in the 21st century that was never expected before. However, this does not stop the campus from carrying out the Tridharma of higher education in the obligation to provide education, research, and community service. There are several lessons that can be drawn from this COVID-19 pandemic situation, namely the very rapid adaptation to the use of learning technology and working from home is no less productive than working on campus. Creative energy actually increases during a pandemic.



In terms of education, learning is held in the context of moving campus interactions with the world of work carried out through the MBKM program. Students will also have stronger experience, insight, hard skills, and soft skills. Online learning also allows students to take courses across study programs and across campuses. Students can also participate in volunteer activities and independent projects, as well as conduct applied research with lecturers and community service. Tridharma of higher education does not stop despite the COVID-19 pandemic.



Activity Purpose


The ICE-02 serves as a platform for members of the scientific community to exchange ideas and approaches, to present research findings, and to discuss current issues and topics related to online learning model innovation in the new normal era and its applications. The ICE-02 2023 activity aims to: (1) Add broader insight into the implementation of technological innovations in online learning; (2) Forming the mindset of students to get used to thinking to become teachers who are able to implement technology; (3) Students can prepare themselves to become professional teachers who are able to implement technology in online learning in the new normal era to realize the MBKM program; (4) Improving research capability and publication quality of research results of lecturers, students, collaboration between lecturers and students, and alumni of STKIP Kusuma Negara; (5) Establish cooperation in the field of educational research and scientific publications with other universities throughout Indonesia.





This seminar aims to expand the contribution of education to society, improve learning, and solve problems. We invite students, teachers, lecturers, and researchers to share experiences and ideas, and present research findings in the field as follows:

(1) Educational Management

(2) Learning Development and Innovation

(3) Social Education and Humanities

(4) English Education

(5) Mathematics Education

(6) Civic Education

(7) Early Childhood Education

(8) Physical Education / Sport Education

(9) Primary Teacher Education